We are worried that children who use the phone all day

We are worried that children who use the phone all day may or may not be aware of these problems.

Most orthopedists say that it is important to look down when using the phone. Unable to look back because you are sending a text message.

At this time, your neck is tilted to a certain extent so that it does not bend when browsing online or watching videos on a computer. Usually, people should sit at a 45-degree angle when sitting instead of standing.

We are worried that children who use the phone all day
Dr. Lanson expressed concern that even 8-year-olds insist on using mobile phones today, and they are likely to need spinal surgery at the age of 28.

The bone marrow is in a stage of stunting and has not yet fully formed, so it is impossible to say to what extent this phenomenon is detrimental to their health or anatomy. What can I change?

How to avoid text neck pose?

If people use both their hands and thumbs when they are using mobile phones while texting, spine surgeons also provide useful tips when using computers and tablets instead of using smartphones.

For example, use a stand that allows them to look at the screen.

You can see them without looking down.

It is very difficult for smartphone users to suggest the correct posture,

because if we try to raise the phone to our eye level to protect the viewers below from the posture, there is a risk of shoulder pain. Because of that, we will be forced to raise our arms and shoulders.

A more practical suggestion is to take regular breaks while using a smartphone and do some exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck and shoulders.

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