Bollywood lost two of the largest artists in the industry in just two days

Bollywood lost two of the largest artists in the industry in just two days.

The first day is Irfan Khan, the second day is Rishi Kapoor.

Bollywood can still provide entertainment for fans in a certain way even during the suspension,

but suddenly it is full of sadness. The last ceremony of the two stars was only performed in the presence of close relatives.

As far as Rishi Kapoor is concerned, his legacy in the industry and his family’s services are noteworthy, and the history of this family also began with the history of the North Indian Cinema.

Bollywood lost two of the largest artists in the industry in just two days

The Kapoor family has deep roots in Bollywood.

The five generations of the family are part of Bollywood founded by Prithviraj Kapoor, the grandfather of Rishi Kapoor. Since then, the family has shown a new road and light for Bollywood.

Prithviraj Kapoor promoted Hindi movies and Indian theatres, and in 1944 Prithviraj Kapoor founded the theatre.

He also participated in the first audio film “Alam Allah” in 1931. Prithviraj Kapoor’s sons Shashi Kapoor,

Shami Kapoor and Raj Kapoor inherited his legacy. The three sons of the Kapoor family entered the industry at different times.

Raj Kapoor is known for his deep film roles, while his brother Shami Kapoor once played a very fun and exaggerated role, while Shashi Kapoor has The image of the chocolate hero.


Therefore, the three brothers have achieved great success in their respective times


but Raj Kapoor is known as an entertainer in the industry. Raj Kapoor gave a new dimension to Bollywood films in the 1950s and 1960s.

In 1947, Madhu Bala’s film Neel Kamal made him famous, and since then he founded RK Film Company and produced classic films such as Andaz, Balassat, Ag, Avara and Shri 420.

In 1946, Raj Kapoor married Krishna Malhotra with five children, including Randhir Kapoor and Ratu Kapoor (Ratu Kapoor), Reema (Reema), Rajiv Kapoor (Rajiv Kapoor) and Rishi Kapoor (Rishi Kapoor). Raj Kapoor died in 1988 at the age of 63.

Shami Kapoor’s successful films include “Tum Sa Nahi Dekha”, “Dil De Ke Dekho”, “Jangli”, ” Kashmir Ki Kali “and” Teesri Manzil “. Shami Kapoor has three children. He died in 2011.

Like his brother, Shashi Kapoor became a part of the childhood movie. In 1948, he served as a child actor in the movie Aag of his older brother Raj Kapoor.

Shashi Kapoor’s successful films include “Hasina Man Jayegi”, “Basira”, “Shy” and “Sometimes”. Shashi Kapoor died in 2017.

Rishi Kapoor is the most successful hero in the Kapoor family. Randhir Kapoor also made many successful films, but he did not get the success and star status of Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor’s first heroic movie “Bobby” in 1973 broke the record of success, and he became a superstar overnight.


 Rishi Kapoor became one of the most successful heroes in the industry.


His films include Amar Akbar Anthony, Karz, Sagar, Aapke Deewane and Khel Khel Mein.

Rishi married actress Neto Singh, and in his book “Khullam Khulla” he publicly described everything in his life, such as his heart and emotions.

The Kapoor family did not have a tradition of female film, but Randall Kapoor’s daughter Karishma Kapoor broke this tradition and entered the film industry.

Karisma Kapoor must work hard to succeed. Although the film failed, Karisma did not give up because of it. In 1993, she achieved her first success with the clumsy film. Thereafter, Karisma did not look back. Raja Babu successfully produced Saajan Chale Sasral Wait for the movie.

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