It’s hard to believe that during the lock up period

It’s hard to believe that during the lock up period life on Instagram will be so charming

Last month, Manchester native Jack Morris (Jack Morris) posted his own photo on Instagram in Bali, Indonesia.


In this photo, you can see him standing by a swimming pool dressed as a swimmer, and the pink sun is about to fall behind him.


He wrote in the photo: “Lorraine and I try our best to live in the villa, we adhere to the principle of social distance.”


“It’s difficult to do this, but if everyone takes action, it will end soon.”

It's hard to believe that during the lock up period

In response to this article, Jack received unanimous praise from most of his 2.7 million followers, who followed him on Instagram.


In response to this article, there were some comments, for example, “Friend, the situation may be worse.”


The prevalence of Verona virus has had a profound impact on the global economy, and this impact may last for a long time.

To avoid these effects and maintain its position in the market, the first thing many companies are doing is to reduce their advertising and marketing budgets.

The first and biggest loss of this move will be the media industry, which will not be able to make money through advertising.

However, these influences will not be limited to the media, but their enthusiasm will range from large newspapers to personal social media creators.

For these so-called “influencers” on social media, sponsorship (for the purpose of hiring others in exchange for money) is not only disappearing, but the brand also cuts off products to such people for advertising purposes. supply.

“My last trip was in February this year,” said travel blogger Alex O’Higgins.

Then in March I had to go to Finland, April to Ethiopia, and then to Maldives. I usually spend more than six months abroad each year.

She also has her own YouTube channel, with the theme of travel,

which used to earn up to £ 1,000 a month. But now his income on the YouTube channel is less than 100 pounds.

Some of their savings were also lost on cancelled flights.

She said, “Everything is upside down.” With my income and savings, I can live shorter lives.

Everything has limitations.

Karen Beddo founded her family travel blog, Mini Travel, by saying goodbye to the advocacy department four years ago.

His monthly income is only 350,350, which is 95% less than in January.

She said: “This is a small business that I have been established for six years and spent a lot of time.” I don’t think people pay much attention to how much energy we have spent behind the scenes. You must be able to take beautiful pictures, classify videos, simplify websites and reply to emails.

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