The list of skin diseases is very long

The list of skin diseases is very long.

These diseases are rarely fatal, but it is difficult to digest human life. Here are just a few important skin diseases that are very common in our country and can be effectively treated.

Ulcers: The skin is our first line of defense against bacteria.

The list of skin diseases is very long

When these lines weaken or rupture from somewhere, the bacteria will immediately penetrate into it and form water ils. Wounds and even slight scratches on the skin will become water ils.

People with diabetes or kidney disease or frail people have more abscesses than the general population. Abscesses on the skin usually spread to the surrounding area and cause a lot of abscesses,

others use the patient’s towel, etc. People may also boil, neglecting hygiene paves the way for boiling.

A very large abscess called ergosterol has deep roots and wide circles that usually cause the patient to become fevered and become weak if not treated properly , Will be lethal. As it gets bigger, please seek the services of a doctor to treat it.

Treatment: Cleaning is the best preventive measure.

Don’t ignore the small scratches on the body, especially in hot and humid weather, apply iodine, spirits or detox, even in July and August. It is a dangerous abscess. Then keep it clean and apply iodine or alcohol on it so that the bacteria will not spread to other parts of the skin. Penicillin can be injected to prevent further abscesses, but a more appropriate method is to first test the nature of the bacteria when the abscess occurs. When you come out, cook until there is pus in it, then put some mud on the pot.

B. The surrounding skin becomes soft, and the abscess may grow, but the abscess can be wiped with a warm cloth. When the abscess persists, clean the abscess and apply oxytetracycline cream. Healthy people should not use anything that touches the abscess.

The patient should also use a separate cloth to keep the abscess and the surrounding skin clean, just in case, please improve the patient’s health. If any other disease causes ulcers, the food should include meat, eggs, milk, fish and vitamin C.

Then submit it to the nose or upper lip sore treatment with extreme care, as this can lead to fatal brain infections.

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