Soft warm sunshine and low temperature are the signs of the weather

Soft warm sunshine and low temperature are the signs of the weather.

Winter has different effects on different people.

Some skins are protected because their skin is not affected, but becomes red and beautiful. On the contrary, some people’s worries increased,

and the skin of their faces and hands became cracked and itchy.

Soft warm sunshine and low temperature are the signs of the weather

Both parts of the body are important because they are directly visible.

Because we want hands, feet and faces to look beautiful, this is where we need the most attention. It has been observed that while ignoring hands and feet, women pay more attention to the beauty of their faces.

Visitors found their hands and feet separated.

Soft face, hands and feet have a positive effect on your character.

In winter, when the temperature drops, the air dries and loses moisture. It affects our skin and becomes dry, rough and itchy. Therefore, as the seasons change,

you must pay more attention to your hands and feet than usual.

Regardless of the weather, the products you often use for yourself will also have a negative effect on the skin, such as cheap soaps, cheap shampoos and cheap creams.

They can make your skin soft, dry and itchy.

Hot water can also damage the skin. Therefore, please avoid all things that cause dry skin.
Give up the products you use in summer or spring and winter, because their effects will be reversed this season. Glycerin and petroleum jelly are required in winter. Whenever you wash your hands and dry them,

you should wipe them off. Such lotions can be prepared by women at home.

Mix half a cup of glycerin, half a cup of lemon juice and half a cup of rose water in the bottle. After washing hands and feet every night, mix this lotion thoroughly. This will make your skin soft and supple.

In winter, the cells of the upper skin will die, so please prepare a lotion and apply it to your hands and feet to remove dead skin. You also need to prepare lotion for this.

In a bottle, mix in half a cup of sea salt, a quarter of coconut oil and four drops of fermented oil,

and shake well. Apply this mixture and rub it on the dead skin area for five minutes. After one minute, wash your hands and face with warm water,

then apply the lotion you prepared earlier. This process will make your skin soft and smooth. In winter, whenever you go out, the skin will become thin, delicate and sensitive, so please wear gloves and socks.

The skin is affected by outside air. Wear comfortable and fit shoes. When you keep ignoring them, winter high heels are annoying. This problem can be solved by adding warm water to the bucket and adding two teaspoons of salt. Then put your feet in.

Rub your heels for ten minutes.

Then remove the foot and dry it.

Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with one tablespoon of petroleum jelly,

then apply it to your feet, especially the heel, and wear soft cotton socks.

Repeat this process several times. Heel rupture will quickly heal quickly.

Cold air can cause lines and spots on the feet and hands. Before going to bed at night, massage with coconut or olive oil.

Then wash it off with warm water in the morning to remove stains and lines.

Multani soil is mixed with water and then made with Lagdi. Then put it on the affected area for 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Performed three times a week. The feet will become soft and supple.

Men and women whose hands are more susceptible to colds should mix a handful of alum with egg whites and apply to their hands. Then massage for five minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Finally, apply a lotion made of rose, lemon and glycerin. Twice a week. Your hands will be soft and beautiful. Following these tips will prevent a cold from hurting your feet.

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