We all do everything possible to make our skin young and healthy

We all do everything possible to make our skin young and healthy.

If your skin is fresh and flawless, people will definitely notice you. Beautiful skin is attractive to everyone.

We all do everything possible to make our skin young and healthy

Some people have flawless skin and are considered lucky.

No one is happy. They should take proper care of their skin to get a perfect shine.

Skin type:

There are many types of skin. However, they can be divided into three main types. they are:

a) Dry skin
b) Normal or normal skin
c) Oily skin

Each type of skin reaction is different. Therefore, each type of maintenance process is also different.

How to keep the skin dry?

Dry skin is easily dehydrated, and it looks dull if you do n’t pay attention.

Some important steps to take care of dry skin:

1. Drink plenty of water. This will provide moisture to your skin and make it look bright.

2. Do not wash your face more than twice a day. It is best to wash your face with an oily milky facial cleanser. Use moisturizing soap for the body.

3. Dry skin is sensitive to sunlight and extreme temperatures. Therefore, use a deep moisturizing lotion when going out. If there is a problem, please contact a dermatologist.

4. Avoid using alcohol-based cosmetics and toner. They can make your skin worse.

How to maintain normal skin?

Normal skin is easy to maintain. You don’t have to pay any extra effort for this. Just use products that balance oil and alcohol content. Do not use very greasy or very dry grease.

How to maintain oily skin?

Oily skin is difficult to tame. Oily skin usually causes whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and pimples, but if you don’t mind it will not cause you too much trouble.

People with oily skin have an advantage that will help them in the long run. When we start to age, the oil glands start to secrete less sebum, making us look old and boring.

But people with oily skin will not be bothered by this problem, because excess oil will disappear with age, making them look younger.

1. Wash your face with oil-free facial cleanser. Wash your body with soap with little water.

2. Oily skin will attract a lot of dirt. Its pores are larger than dry skin. Therefore, dirt will enter your skin through them. There is only one solution.

Wash your face with white water as much as possible. This will make the dirt disappear.

3. Always use cosmetics and toner that do not contain oil and alcohol.

4. Use only oil-free water.

The above maintenance tips are very specific to the skin type. But to get attractive skin, you should remember some other things. It is not enough to take care from the outside. You must also take care of yourself from within.


1. Drink at least 9-10 glasses of water every day.

2. Eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables every day.

3. Say no to junk food.

4. Exfoliate regularly.

5. Take a bath every day. If possible twice.

6. Use sunscreen lotion

Hard work always has good results. The same applies to beautiful skin. Take care of your skin and make sure you give you something back!

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