When Saif Ali Khan revealed that he had been banned from meeting

When Saif Ali Khan revealed that he had been banned from meeting Sarah and Ibrahim because of a new woman in his life

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s marriage ended in divorce after many years together, and they have two lovely children,

Sarah and Ib Ibrahim Ali Khan attracted great attention from each other and made the gossip factory work overtime.

In fact, after the couple went their separate ways, spec speculation became endless, and several theories about the end of marriage surfaced,

most of which were false. However, an interview that Saif did at the time did (actually obviously) show that after Amrita and he divorced, there was quite a lot of bad blood between him.

When Saif Ali Khan revealed that he had been banned from meeting
In an old interview with The Daily Telegraph, Saif Ali Khan revealed some disturbing details about his divorce from Amrita Singh How things are going there, where he was even banned from meeting

Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim because he saw other people.

“My wife and I took a separate path. I respect my wife’s space. But why do I keep thinking about how my husband is and how terrible my father is. I have son Ibrahim in my wallet Photo. Every time I look at it,

I want to cry. I have always missed my daughter Sara. I am not allowed to see my children. They do not allow them to come and visit me and let the “Lonely One” accompany me. Why? Because of me There is a new woman in my life that will affect my children against their mother. ”

Saif added: “I should give Amrita 50 million rupees, of which I have given her 250 million rupees.

” In addition, I have to pay rupees. 100,000 per month until my son turns 18 years old. I am not Shah Rukh Khan.

I don’t have that kind of money. I have promised her that I will pay all the remaining money, even if I have to work hard until I die, I will repay it. “

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