Surrogate mother’s baby trapped in hotel in Ukraine

Surrogate mother’s baby trapped in hotel in Ukraine

Photos of dozens of newborns in a small room in the Ukrainian capital Kiev caused a sensation in the country.

These children are not in an orphanage or hospital nursery, but this is a picture of a hotel room.

At the BiotechKom Human Reproduction Center in the Ukrainian capital, all these children were abandoned by third-party mothers, and parents were also abandoned in other countries or regions.

However, in most parts of the world, stricter travel restrictions and health crises have left many children in Ukraine without parental care.

“We are in this situation because our borders are closed and the (Ukrainian) Minister of Foreign Affairs allows foreigners, even children born here Of foreigners enter Ukraine. “Denied permission.

Surrogate mother's baby trapped in hotel in Ukraine

The BBC’s Zhana Bezpaichak in Kiev, Ukraine, said the center of the situation was the Venice Hotel in the Ukrainian capital. Of the 100 newborns born in different parts of Ukraine, 35 had no parents.

The Ukrainian people were shocked. It was strange to see these children in the hotel room instead of the clinic. Many people want to know why this is the case. Where are the parents of these children?

Bezpaichak said: “A lot of people looked at these photos in surprise, saying: ‘It looks like a children’s factory.’

Baby cots are only sold at -4 30,000 to 45,000
Hundreds of women in Ukraine are part of the surrogacy industry. Unlike many other countries, the surrogacy industry is legal.

When India, Nepal and Thailand banned the surrogacy industry, people turned to Ukraine and the price of surrogacy was much lower than that of the United States.

In Ukraine, the rent for cribs is between -4 30,000 and 5 45,000, while in the United States it exceeds لاکھ 100,000.

Venice has children from China, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and many other countries. The hotel is part of the clinic and representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights have visited the facilities here to confirm that the health and care system is satisfactory.

“No one can replace parents.”
However, health professionals who take care of children around the clock admit that this situation makes them sad.

Nurse Olga Kitts said: “No one can replace their parents.”
The hotel also has 15 lucky children whose parents arrived in Ukraine before the border closed. Now he lives in a hotel with his family.

Some couples successfully lifted the quarantine restrictions, but this is a long and expensive task because the foreign government needs permission from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to allow its citizens to leave the country and then deport them. Find a way out.

The People’s Party said: “This is a long process, full of bureaucracy.”

Herman, a lawyer at the BioTax Working Clinic, said several parents are calling for ways to avoid all these “legal complications.”

Travel by private jet
After several failed attempts, Maria and Andreas Tangros (Swedish couple) managed to enter the country after obtaining permission from the Ukrainian authorities. When he described his situation on a national television program, an anonymous man offered to pay for a private jet.

The flight was delayed several times, and when the Ukrainian government allowed them to travel one day, the couple lost hope.

“This is a terrible situation because when you think you have a solution, the other border will be closed,” said Andreas, the father of twins Louis and Ella.

Maria explained that all this was frustrating, and no one answered any questions.

Maria said happily: “No one knows how to get there.” But holding them in her arms here tells us that we have made the impossible possible.

But unlike other parents Maria and Andrea, they were not lucky enough to be offered private jets.

She said: “If the problem is not solved immediately, the situation may get worse.”

“Because babies born out of wedlock are born in Ukraine every day.”

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