the most important questions in the world are when and how to restore life to normal

the most important questions in the world are when and how to restore life to normal, and how the coronavirus lives.

The same problem bothers actress Katrina Kaif and how to get rid of anxiety and restlessness.

In an interview on the INS website, Hurricane Katrina said that after being infected with the virus, her outlook on life has changed, and now she is enjoying everything in the past.

Hurricane Katrina also suggested doing yoga and focusing on the good aspects of life to ease anxiety and anxiety during the lock-up period.

At the same time, Sonakshi Sinha became a troll on social media due to the title of his beautiful photos. Sonakshi used #SundaySelfie on the photo. He said he did not know what day it was today.

the most important questions in the world

Some users praised his selfie, while others laughed at his title. Someone asks if you have forgotten the character of Ramayan. Someone tries to remind him that today ’s sister is the real day of Wednesday.

A Manchilla even mocked the domineering girl.

She was frustrated because Salman replaced her with Jacqueline Fernandez in the new song.

Salman recalled that he recently released a song in his own voice, and Jacqueline Fernandez (Jacqueline Fernandez) was indeed with him. Salman said that the song was produced in only four days and was also filmed in Salman’s farmhouse. By the way, the idea of ​​locking holidays with friends to celebrate the holidays is a good idea, and the prices of mangoes and nuts are good. In any case, Salman fans love this song.

Salman Khan’s co-actress and former fan Zarin Khan felt the past in the penalty area.

Salman Khan's co-actress and former fan Zarin Khan

Looking back at Zalín’s past, he tells how he met Salman Khan in the context of the movie “Uvraj”. Suggest his name.

Zarin Khan is 33 years old this week. In an interview with the entertainment website Bollywood Life, she said that Salman was shooting for the film U Raj. She went to watch the shooting, but did not know that her life would change that day.

After meeting with him, Salman started his portfolio, so he and Salman won the movie “Vee”. Zareen is a good actor, but she has only made a few movies since the failure of “Vee”.

As far as Dabang Khan is concerned, after breaking up with Aishwarya, he rested with his opponent Sneha Alal in the movie “Lucky”, if he was with Katrina It was so nice to meet him after breaking up. go with.

By the way, Khan Sab is currently very angry.


In fact, there are reports that he was filming for his studio during the lock-up period. Salman tweeted angrily that the news was “absolutely wrong” and that neither he nor his studio had selected actors in any way, and anyone who spread such rumors would be prosecuted .

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