Arjan Bajwa and Priyanka Chopra discuss Upcoming Movie Fashion 2

Arjan Bajwa and Priyanka Chopra discuss Upcoming Movie Fashion 2

Regarding frank conversation, few people can compare with the talented and talented Arjan Bajwa in our online chat in Insta recently. Since his initial role in Guru and Fashion was appreciated, he shared screen space with all the stars (Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, etc.) and realized his long-cherished dreams Play as a soldier in the online series “State of Siege” to understand the possibilities of “State of Siege”, “Fashion 2”, and see Priyanka Chopra The happiness I felt when I was on the global stage, and finally solved this obvious problem: the strong opposition to Kabir Singh and the previous interview with the director-this is an interview that you should not miss

Just like Kabir Singh ’s influence on his career, it ’s important to remember, especially if you ’re a movie fan, that ’s in 2008, Arian Bajeva (Arjan Bajwa appeared in the fashion industry as opposed to Priyanka Chopra when he was the leading actor – he won multiple nominations and awards at all major ceremonies of the year and became a breakthrough artist of the year. Therefore, during our exclusive chat with the actors, the conversation inevitably turned to the movie. When we explored the possibility of a sequel to the movie, Aryan immediately said, “Ask Madul Bandaka (director)”, and then laughed.

Upcoming Movie Fashion 2

The actor quickly added: “In fact, we (Priyanka and him) have been telling Mr. Madhur the longest time to do something about Fashion 2 and write a story on it. I do n’t know, maybe he Accepting that he has time to think about a story. “When it comes to PeeCee ’s current global influence (as opposed to when Fashion was released) (she won a national award), the fuss may be the sequel, Arjan said:” I Hope yes … let hope, let us continue to blame this kind of thing for real. ”

We involuntarily realized that Fashion 2 did happen, especially because we now know that the main actors want it to move forward and have been pursuing their director to tell the story. Please, Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar, give us fashion 2.

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