Working From Home in 2020 Best tips Here Read online

Working From Home in 2020 Best tips Here Read online

The idea of ​​working from home (WFH) or telecommuting sounds like a dream come true. However, if the time is up and you find that you really do need to conduct business at home, or even temporarily, then you will soon find that WFH may not be your dream.

Therefore, although this can be a challenging adjustment, to get the right information and perspective, you can be as efficient as working remotely.

Working From Home in 2020 Best tips Here Read online
Ask what you need

If you are required to work from home, especially if you are moving temporarily, ask your employer for the equipment you need. This does not mean that you will get it, but do not think that it is your responsibility. Several things to ask include:

Wireless mouse / keyboard
USB hub
Any software / applications required
Printer (if needed)
As a guide, you are required to provide everything you need to complete the work. Expect to get the least work efficiency.

Create the appropriate workspace

In WFH, workspace is critical. Standing on the sofa with feet sounds good, but soon it will be uncomfortable. Leave a space at home, even if you are not at work, computers, documents and any supplies you need can live.

Outside the main traffic flow of the house instead of in a room with a TV, make it a quiet space. Also, make sure that you have many electrical outlets in your location. If possible, there is another door. The door is the holy grail of working at home, but if you do n’t have a door, please find the quietest and most intimate place at home, so you will avoid distracting your energy as much as possible while working.

Equip your workspace

If you are temporarily WFH, you may be out of the office for a few days or weeks. Either way, you do n’t want to spend a lot of money on your work space. So, can’t we survive without the basic elements?

A good chair. Yes, this is important.
Assuming that the office does not provide a home / home computer, you can run your application / software. If necessary, a refurbished computer may be a good choice.
Earphones are indispensable, if you want to conduct a conference call, it is best to use headphones.
On the list of “must-have” equipment, there are several things you can not use, but it will make WFH easier:

An additional monitor. If you have never had a second monitor, then your life will become better and better.
Additional computer power adapter / mouse / keyboard, etc.

Make sure your Internet and Wi-Fi meet your needs

Not all Internet and Wi-Fi settings are the same. The bandwidth in your home may be slower than the bandwidth you usually use in your office. Test your internet speed, then test streaming, web conferencing (if possible), and file upload and download at the location you plan to use for your home office.

If you need faster speeds, try adjusting some settings. If the settings do not work, please call your Internet service provider to request a temporary increase in Internet speed. Some providers will allow you to increase and decrease the services they provide.

Think your internet speed is slow? What is considered a good speed?
In addition, make sure that your temporary office is set up in an area with wide Wi-Fi coverage. If necessary, consider installing a mesh network to improve wireless coverage.

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