Shama Sikander postpones wedding with James Milliron

Shama Sikander postpones wedding with James Milliron

The gorgeous Shama Sikander should have been brought to the beauty James Milliron in September. They got engaged in 2016 after a year of dating. She told the Times of India: “We plan to hold a destination wedding at the end of September, and almost all events, including the venue, have been finalized. On the day of the pandemic, all of us are set to zero. Our two families have already Began to prepare on important days, James ’family does not travel, so his parents do n’t even have a passport. We have asked them to start paperwork and get a passport. However, the plan is temporarily put on hold because I think travel during this time Not safe. ”

hey have put the wedding idea behind.

Shama Sikander postpones wedding with James Milliron

She said that the COVID-19 pandemic changed their view of life.

Shama told the newspaper: “In addition, COVID-19 has changed our perception of everything in life. We are just trying to help people around us through this difficult period. And, this certainly brings us more joy. . Happens at any time. ”

James Milliron is a businessman engaged in internet marketing. He provides solutions in various fields such as retail and technology. His parents are in the United States, and the couple are worried about them. Shama said: “James is with me in Mumbai and his parents are here alone. We are worried for them because they are older and his father was unwell four months ago. We have been in touch with them.”

The actress said that during the blockade, she had already begun more meditations and was happy to be with him. She concluded: “It may hurt you emotionally. I am very happy that James was with me in this crisis. In addition to having a good time with each other, I also learned to adapt to a new lifestyle.”

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