Maternal and child health is a topic that writes

Maternal and child health is a topic that writes a lot of things

but as long as humans exist, this topic will continue to be discussed in one way or another. I also need to write this topic because one day, when I was checking patients in the hospital, a 25-year-old or 30-year-old woman entered the room.

I also have two naive and beautiful children.

Maternal and child health is a topic that writes
She has a stomach ulcer. After detailed inquiries, she was found to have tried to commit suicide once and received Edhi Center many times. After further inquiries, she said that her husband had been beaten and quarreled at home, so she was forced to take extreme measures. Not only that, our society is full of such stories.

The reason for writing all this is that in this society of men, women ’s status is very low. Similarly, most men who are literate or uneducated, illiterate or poor have the same level of anger. Oppressed women always come.

Most causes are also family tensions and worries, so women, especially pregnant women or nursing mothers, suffer from mental and physical illnesses. At the same time, children are also affected, because the health of children depends on the health of the mother. If the mother is healthy, then the child will be healthy and the society will be healthy.

Maternal and child health is a serious and fundamental problem

which is of great significance not only to the Third World but also to the entire United Nations.

Even at today ’s advanced age, the mortality rate of women and children is high. Examination of the number and mortality of patients in any hospital in the city revealed that most of them were children under five and pregnant women.

According to the Save the Children report, the maternal mortality rate of mothers is 276 per 100,000. In Balochistan, this ratio exceeds 700. One in 170 mothers is at risk of maternal death. In this regard, Pakistan ranks 149th in the world. 89 deaths per 1,000 newborns.
According to a 2016 UNICEF report, 46 out of every 1,000 children die within a month. A total of 248,000 children died, accounting for 10% of the world ’s total.

If the cause is checked the mother ’s birth rate is higher.

This includes not performing regular inspections during pregnancy.

This is because there are many causes of pregnancy that can cause birth and death complications. In addition to having a large number of children, the lack of proper intervals for delivery is also an important reason. This is called the majority of fetuses, that is, the frequency of pregnancy is higher. The term is used in western countries when there are more than four pregnancies, but women in rural areas in developing countries have more than ten pregnancies.
There are also some women whose number exceeds 15. Short births can affect the health of the mother and also affect the upbringing and care of other children.

Lack of maternal health is another reason, because, like other countries in the Third World, most mothers in rural areas of Pakistan receive untrained midwives, leading to various complications.
If diagnosed correctly in time, it can reduce problems at birth and after birth, and can save only seven mothers and babies from death.
Hunger and famine are one of the worst tragedies in the third world today. Drought in many countries has continued for many years. Like Ethiopia, this hungry monster engulfed parts of Asia.

Some areas of Pakistan ’s Taal and Baluchistan provinces are also on the verge of famine. With no rain for many years, the worst effects of famine began to appear here. This is affecting mothers and children and others, and many infectious diseases are spreading. Lack of food deprives mothers and babies of important nutrients that are essential for mothers’ health, and strengthens the immune system against various diseases.

There are two types of malnutrition, one is insufficient intake, and the other is an imbalanced diet or lack of important nutrients. This happens when we give up all kinds of important foods because of our likes and dislikes, which lowers the immune system and causes disease. Increased risk.

One of the reasons for the lack of food is that our society is male-dominated.

Here, first give the people in the house food, then the son, and finally the daughter and mother. The mother who lives in this universe is sick because of lack of proper and timely food. As a result, children ’s health is affected.

In order to reduce infant mortality, it is important to be aware of the factors that cause death or lifelong disability. Pediatric diseases are directly related to the health of pregnant women, because many pediatric diseases are transmitted to mothers during pregnancy. Taking various medications during pregnancy without medical guidance can also cause birth defects, physical or mental disabilities.

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