The benefits of this amazing fruit are known all over the world

The benefits of this amazing fruit are known all over the world

and it is very useful for health, and the vitamin C in it makes this fruit an unparalleled health treasure.

It can be used in all seasons, but it will rain. Its usefulness increases every season, and the lemon plant is strong twice a year, in July, August, and February, and March.
Almost every family uses lemons every day because we have heard about the practicality of this fruit for hundreds of years. Lemon is not only a fruit, but also a medicine. Its juice has many uses. The best way to use it is to dissolve it in water and use it.

The benefits of this amazing fruit are known all over the world
its juice can also be used in pumpkin and other similar drinks by dissolving it.

The use of lemons in salads has become part of our culture. It also improves the taste and practicality of salads. There are many ways to use them, and they are also used in different years. Beans, soups, vegetables, meat, pickles, and its wide range of uses.
Healthy kimchi

Lemon is rich in healthy acid nutrients.

After analysis, such as road acid, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus, it is found that lemon contains the following ingredients. For every 100 grams, humidity is 84.6%, protein 1.5%, minerals 0.9%, fat 1.0%, vitamin content 63 mg and carotene mg. Ayurvedic medicine and Ayurvedic medicine in India, Pakistan and other areas have been using fresh lemon juice for hundreds of years. It happened.

It is also mentioned in religious writings thousands of years ago, and is considered to be the true source of various bone and joint diseases. Lemon contains a special amount of vitamin C, so it is considered a bleeding food. Very useful in fighting diseases.

Lemon is believed to be effective against indigestion.
We have a tradition of using it for indigestion for hundreds of years. Mixing lemon juice and honey in a spoon can cause vomiting, “indigestion”, and heartburn caused by stomach acid. Not only that, it can also solve excessive saliva in the mouth. If the acidity in the stomach is very serious, then in this case, you can add a teaspoon of honey and a little sodium carbonate to the lemon juice. The acidity disappeared immediately.
Lemon juice is an unparalleled treatment for constipation with warm water after waking up in the morning. It is often used in infectious diseases. The acid in the lemon is combined with mineral salts. Kar has an unparalleled effect in eliminating fats present in the liver, and lemon juice can reduce body fat.

Cold effects
Lemon juice is an effective way to treat common fever and colds.
For this reason, lemon juice should dissolve well in water, because it contains a lot of vitamin C, which can strengthen the body’s immune system and cause fever and weakness. It eliminates the unique effect of mixing honey and lemon juice in hot water and used for fever and dry cough. It can also be used in winter.
Lemon juice is also very useful in treating sore throats and tonsils. Pour lemon into a glass of warm water, mix four teaspoons of honey, sprinkle a little salt, and then slowly ip. The ulcers have also disappeared, and this liqueur has also proved to be very useful for swelling of the chin. Because it contains vitamin C, it can treat joint pain and osteoarthritis by strengthening human cells. .

For Matapa

The benefits of lemon juice for weight loss are well established. It can dissolve fat and have a positive effect on nerves; if you are also overweight, you can mix lemon juice and a little honey in a glass of water. Using it on an empty stomach for one month will reduce weight, but at the same time, to get the desired results, you need to use low-calorie foods.

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