Do you want to wait for any form of beauty treatment

Do you want to wait for any form of beauty treatment in the queue of any salon?

It ’s really sad to spend hard-earned money on anything you can easily accomplish.

Home manicure is very simple, it can definitely save you money, and you can even say “I did it myself”, which brings you satisfaction and pride. T

be prepared and set aside some time to pamper yourself.

Salon’s secret to manicure at home every week. So let’s get started!

Do you want to wait for any form of beauty treatment

First remove any earlier nail polish. Soak the cotton pad in the nail polish for only a few seconds, then rub from the bottom of the nail to the tip. Make sure to use a separate cotton cloth for each nail. Then, use the emery board to tilt the nail correctly. Always file your nails in one direction.

To soften the epidermis for manicure, immerse your fingertips in mild soapy water for only five minutes. After that, use the blunt end of the orange stick dipped in the cuticle remover and gently push into the cuticle. You can continue to use warm water and soapy water to scrub your nails with a nail brush.

To apply nail polish, wipe the nails smoothly with a makeup remover and make sure the nails are dry. Spread your hands on the table, if there is no colored or nude nail polish to make the nails bright, you can apply a thin coating with the help of the other hand. Brush from the base to the tip of the nail. Always start from the middle of the nail, then start from the sides and down. Before painting the next time, please let the nail polish dry. With the help of tissue paper, remove the hairline and then apply a colorless sealant on the nails.

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