Set up a dedicated email account and keep it active

Set up a dedicated email account and keep it active

The ongoing pandemic has brought various uncertainties to parents. But for those who were fired or on leave during the crisis, the pressure of not having a salary brings another kind of anxiety to the whole situation.

Although it’s easy to feel frustrated when you are unemployed (completely justified!), this emotion is exacerbated when you feel that you have no time to find a new job.

When you do all the parenting work, maintaining productivity and career relevance can be a huge challenge.

However, the experts agree that by completing the task with a mouthful of 15 minutes, you can maintain your professional level and even attend the next show while taking care of your children. This is their reminder to get your career back on track.

First, if the relationship and etiquette expert, the founder of the American Film Industry Initiative, April Masini suggests, then if you don’t have an email account yet, create an email account that is only used for job search and possible performance work.

She said: “Missing emails and missing work deadlines are easy because your personal and professional emails are mixed together.” “Having a separate work email account allows you to be organized and prioritize your work.”

In order to master everything, executive career and success mentality coach Heather Moulder recommends scheduling a specific time of the day to check and follow up emails.

Set up a dedicated email account and keep it active

She suggested: “This activity may waste a lot of time, so please set a timer to help you stay focused.”

Prioritize tasks
For your job search to-do list, it is important to separate the work you must do now from the secondary tasks. Spend 15 minutes at the beginning of the week.

“It’s easy to think that you have a lot of priorities,” Moulder said. “But prioritization is to pick 3 things-at most-you need to complete, and then allow time to do it without multitasking.”

She also recommends keeping a running “now not later” list of all unnecessary tasks you want to complete.

She said: “Check this list once a week so that you can stay up to date on what needs to be moved into weekly priorities.”

Gather your tribe
List your circle of friends and everyone you know from past work so you can contact them.

Julieanne O’Connor, a certified corporate trainer and career coach, recommends: “Then set aside time for others to know your job search information.” “Most breakthroughs require the help of others. Every day or even a little bit can completely change your life.”

When you are in contact with others, please provide your services or expertise to fill gaps in your work.

Resume writing company MJW Careers, LLC President CPRW Matthew Warzel suggested: “Start sowing seeds to seek out sales from friends, family or social network connections, and build a portfolio.” “This has also become the answer to the whole “since… What have you been doing…”A great way to ask questions from recruiters or hiring managers.”

Stay relevant online
Use the LinkedIn and Twitter platforms to show you that you are still a participant in the industry.

“Share effective articles in your field and comment on them thoughtfully to show that you are an active observer of the news and issues you care about,” said Fraser Traverse. Washington DC.

As Traverse points out: “This takes very little time, and potential employers will definitely review your account, so it’s important to show your participation.”

When others comment on your information, you will feel that you are still part of the action and will provide thoughtful content.

Traverse also recommends making sure you enable the “open jobs” setting on LinkedIn so recruiters can find you.

She said: “You can fill in the type of job you like and it will appear in the recruiter search.” “As a colleague once said, even when you sleep, your next employer can find you.”

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