The Maharashtra People’s Party MLA Nitesh Rane made shocking claims

The Maharashtra People’s Party MLA Nitesh Rane made shocking claims about the mysterious deaths of Bollywood superstar Sushant Singh Rajput and his agent Disha Salian. Rane claimed that Disha’s boyfriend and the newly born Bollywood actor Rohan Rai were partners in the house. He knew the motive of Disha’s death, but he went into hiding because of fears for his safety.

MLA Nitesh Rane

Lann told IANS: “If Rohan doesn’t come out on the evening of June 8th to introduce this gathering to everyone, I will tell CBI all the secrets.” BJP MLA’s son Rane and former Chief Minister Narayan Rane are in Maharashtra The Kanakwali seat in Labang said that when Disha was reportedly harassed and harassed by the party on June 8, he was subsequently shocked by Sushant. He questioned Luohan’s disappearance after Disha’s death. He told IANS that Rohan may have been forced to leave Mumbai by a “capable person”.

He claimed that the mysterious deaths of Sushant and Disha were related, but the Mumbai police did not investigate Disha’s perspective. The death of Desha was allegedly caused by the fall of a building on the 14th floor in the Malad district of Mumbai on the night of June 8.

Rane expressed concern about Sushant’s murder but claimed that Rohan knew “all the secrets” of the case, and in this case, Rohan’s life might be in danger. He said that he also wrote a letter to the Federal Minister of the Interior Amit Shah, requesting protection for Rohan. Rane earlier claimed that a powerful political leader of the party also attended the meeting on June 8. After the party incident, Disha called for an emergency call 100.

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