The popular TV actress was recently seen in Bigg Boss 13

The popular TV actress was recently seen in Bigg Boss 13, and she was frustrated to see the media questioning her relationship with the late celebrity manager Disha Salian, as she revealed that the duo was shocking and tragic Talk to each other the day before the sexual incident. Actress Dil Se Dil Tak tweeted: “I feel frustrated to see that certain media are cutting all restrictions on displaying fake news. In my personal experience, I can completely sympathize with those who pray for it. It violates me. Privacy is not cool in the name of news. Keep it true, but keep it kind first.”

The popular TV actress was recently seen in Bigg Boss 13

Rashami told Republic TV earlier: “I think Disha is a very well-known person in the industry. She has managed many big names. You should ask what kind of person they are. She is a doll, a very beautiful, pure soul. , I don’t think my family is satisfied with it either. I don’t know anything about the party on June 8. To be honest, I haven’t kept in touch with her for 7 to 8 months.

“Yes, in fact, I actually spoke to her the day before the incident. On the 7th. In fact, we didn’t talk for a long time. We said we couldn’t speak on the phone. Eventually, we made some plans to meet later, but I got unfortunate news the next day.” She added that during a phone call, they discussed going to Shimla in October.

After Disha’s death, Rashami shared an Insta story in which she wrote: “I still can’t believe it was your birthday a few days ago. I still can’t believe that we participated in the Zoom Call Party. Favorite picture and wrote -YOU ARE YOUR OWN CHOICE, enter #makewisechoices. What made you choose this? Leave all your loved ones, especially your parents, your friends, and the workplace you have always liked. Me You have always been known for your strong and stable character. No matter where you are, you will always be in my prayers, Desha.”

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