After the rainy season and flooding

After the rainy season and flooding, people are strongly worried about various diseases that will spread in the form of epidemics. In order to control these diseases, it is very important to take simple and safe measures. Flood disease water-borne disease, malaria, eye disease, skin disease

Water-borne disease
Bacteria of various diseases can be found in sewage. Drinking water or using contaminated water usually causes gastrointestinal diseases, such as cholera, periodic fever, dysentery, diarrhea, indigestion, gastric worms, etc.
The following precautions must be taken to prevent these diseases.

1. Use clean drinking water during epidemics, and if possible, use plain water for drinking and cooking.
2. Avoid eating rotten fruits and raw vegetables and wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
3. Cover food and drinks adequately to protect them from flies because flies play an important role in transferring bacteria from various diseases from one place to another.

4. Before cooking, please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, otherwise, it will cause illness.
5. When diarrhea, add salt to the child and continue other foods, or add salt to adults.
6. In the days of the plague, everyone should be vaccinated against diseases.
Malaria treatment
Malaria fever is caused by a bacterium that enters the blood of healthy people through mosquito bites and causes disease.
After rains and floods, dirty water accumulates in the form of rivers and ponds. Mosquitoes can thrive easily in these places. These mosquitoes will bite people when they sleep or wake up and cause malaria fever. Please avoid them. For this reason, please close the surrounding ponds and ponds by adding lime or soil so that mosquitoes cannot reproduce in these places.
Cover yourself to avoid causing mosquitoes when you sleep at night; if possible, use mosquito nets; spray mosquito repellent at home; if malaria occurs, use drugs as recommended by your doctor. Take a full course of treatment to completely eliminate malaria from the body.
Eye diseases and treatment
Due to air humidity and sunburn, rainfall and flooding may increase the risk of eye disease.
There may be a danger of eye ulcers, including sore eyes, swelling of the eyes, irritation, and tearing. To avoid all of these, it is important to take the following precautions. Children are strictly forbidden to bathe in rainwater and dirty pond water and should be washed with clean water several times a day.
If eye problems occur, consult a doctor.
Skin diseases and treatment
In areas hit by floods and heavy rains, it is very likely to spread its spores and sc sores. To avoid skin diseases, please follow the following precautions: People of all ages should pay special attention to physical hygiene and clean children. Keep it clean and rinse with clean water.
If itching occurs, do not use other healthy people’s items in the house; if someone in the house is itchy, all people in the house should use anti-itch medicine. If itching occurs, avoid itching, because bacteria can spread to the wound due to itching and spread as an abscess.

Intensity and heat protection during the rainy season
In the months of July and August, the intensity of the heat and the contrast of the sun increased, it was so hot, everyone stayed away from Al-Aman and Al-Hafeez. When the temperature is too high, human skin will act as an air conditioner, and sweating will make people feel a little relaxed and cool.
Excessive heat and sun exposure can cause sunburn or heatstroke, and if left untreated, it can lead to death. In this case, the sweat is completely gone, the temperature rises to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, and the skin becomes completely dry. In this case, the patient is immediately taken to a cool place with a bandage on his arms and legs should be massaged, And the patient should be taken to the hospital.
In addition to heatstroke, excessive sweating under extreme heat conditions can also lead to severe dehydration and dehydration. In this case, severe pain in the abdomen and legs will make you feel very weak if the body sweats and has too much salt. If discharged from the hospital, the servant will be half-dead in this case. Even in this case, immediate medical assistance is required. In this case, dripping can immediately eliminate the lack of water and salt.

Please follow the tips below to avoid heatstroke and heatstroke:
1. Don’t go out unnecessarily at high temperatures, especially during the day.
2. When going out, be sure to put a cloth or towel on your head, moisten it from time to time, and put it on your head.
3. Before going home, please try to use water and salt.

4. Cold mushrooms on a hot day

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