Weight loss is as effective as the law of gravity

If you are like me, the BS detector will turn off when you see the words “weight loss” and “pill” near each other. Weight loss is a straightforward mathematical proposition. If you burn more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. If you burn less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. Weight loss is as effective as the law of gravity. with no exceptions. The chance of waking up in the morning to find a few pounds of fat flying off you is the same as finding that your car has flown onto the roof of the nearest building.

Therefore, when a friend emailed me a BBC article about “Kalahari Cactus Diet” (BBC. Tom Mangold. May 30, 2003), please forgive my suspicion. I watched and I did some research. I believe!

Even people who are starving will not eat themselves to death, because there are nerve cells in the hypothalamus that feel glucose. The consumption of food causes sugar to enter the blood. Sugar is converted to glucose. The hypothalamus senses the changes in glucose and finally tells the brain that it can guarantee immediate survival and can stop eating.

Well, this Kalahari cactus called “hoodia” has a molecule, which scientists named p.57, and its hypothalamus is 10,000 times more active than glucose.

This means that hoodia will excite those glucose nerve cells and make your brain think you are full. You may not eat anything at all. Now, you don’t even want it.

60 minutes (CBS) Lesley Stahl (Lesley Stahl) went to Kalahari (Kalahari) for a performance on hoodies. Starr tried. Said it tastes like cucumber, and most importantly, there is no desire to eat or drink for the rest of the day. She reported no sequelae or side effects.

Large pharmaceutical companies know this, and maybe one day they will be able to synthesize page 57. But so far, Mother Nature has not given up her secret, and the only way to benefit from what the BBC calls “organic pills that kill appetite and attack obesity” is to obtain natural cacti from Kalahari. There are plans to grow this plant, but no one can be sure whether commercially grown Hoodia has the same characteristics as wild plants.

Obviously not all Hoodia are created equal. Only Hoodia gordonii has p.57. Kalahari other cactus plants are…cacti. The US government and the South African government manage the import and harvest of Hoodia gordonii. Only companies that are licensed by the Western Cape Nature Conservation Authority of South Africa and have certified certificates can sell genuine copies. As you might expect, this valuable thing has many users, so the authenticity certificate is very important.

For people whose obesity is a legitimate reason for national health, natural, safe and effective appetite suppressants are nothing but a good thing. However, you must doubt the life of the supply.

For personal use, there are other considerations. Your body needs a daily supply of protein and other nutrients to function properly and stay healthy. Hoodia gordonii is so powerful that even if you eat a very small amount of food, you will not eat it? Or drink a healthy amount of water?

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