Markle is suing the publication to publish parts of her letter

Markle is suing the publication to publish parts of her letter to the divorced father Thomas Markle in August 2018,

which alleges misuse of private information, copyright infringement and violation of the 2018 Protection Law.

The Associated Press denies these allegations, and specifically claims that the letter was made in a way that changed its meaning.

The case arrived at the London High Court on Friday actually due to the COVID-19 blockade.

Judge Warby dismissed Markle’s multiple requests for the tabloid. Associated Newspapers.

Markle is suing the publication to publish parts of her letter

the allegations made by Wobby include claims that the Sunday Post deliberately “disturbed” the trouble between Markle and her father on Sunday, and had an “agenda” and passed the letter.

Some parts of the company act “dishonestly”.

Warby said in the ruling that the allegations were “unrelated” to Markle’s widespread claims about misuse of private information,

copyright infringement, and violation of the Data Protection Act.

The couple ’s spokesperson confirmed to NBC News that Harry and Markle woke up at 4 am to listen to the Los Angeles ruling and they now live with their son Archie.

The couple formally separated to perform royal duties on March 31,

partly because their royal reputation caused widespread media attention. They are no longer working members of the royal family.

Markle’s legal representative is the famous lawyer David Sherborne,

Harper’s Bazaar said he also cooperated with Princess Diana. He specializes in privacy, confidentiality and defamation cases.

According to NBC News, the lawsuit involved five specific articles,

two of which were published in The Sunday Post, and the other three were published in MailOnline in February 2019.

The title of the main article is: “Appeared: This letter shows the true tragedy of the rift between Meghan and a father.

She said it broke her heart into a million.”

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