When will the global corona virus end

the only question everyone thinks is: “When will the global corona virus end?”

Data scientists are also trying to find the answer to this question.

His prediction uses the SIR susceptibility, infection

When will the global corona virus end

rehabilitation) mathematical model, which has been used to analyze the spread and recovery of epidemics.

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) included certified infected patients in its AI model,

conducted tests and died, and with their help evaluated the life cycle of Coded-19.

According to his AI model, the global epidemic will end in December,

and the duration of eradication varies by country. It will end in Italy in June and October in Australia.

Experts warn that the data and models cannot be used to assess the complexity of the disease and many other factors,

but experts believe that the data predicts plans to alleviate or strengthen the blockade. Can be classified.

With the spread of the coronavirus, a lot of misleading news has appeared all over the world. It is easier to track any news source on Facebook or Twitter, but it is not so easy in an end-to-end encrypted application like WhatsApp.

WhatsApp introduced another new ban to avoid losing misleading news. Users can now forward a large number of virus messages at once.
This means that users can now only send virus mail to five users at a time.

Please note that WhatsApp cannot read the message sent by the user, but it can detect whether the message has been sent or how many times it has been forwarded through the metadata of the message.
The company stated in a blog post that during the corona virus epidemic,

the number of forwarded messages has greatly increased, which may be the source of misleading news.
Facebook’s proprietary application has more than 2 billion users.

The company is also trying reverse image search and text search functions to prevent false news.

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