On November 14 Pakistan like other countries in the world

On November 14 Pakistan like other countries in the world,

celebrates “World Diabetes Day” every year. This day is also known as “World Diabetes Awareness Day.” The number of diabetics worldwide has exceeded 42 million.

Diabetes is spreading very fast in Pakistan. The Pakistan Health Research Council conducted a survey in collaboration with the Diabetes Survival Institute.
The 18-month investigation report released last year is very worrying. According to the report,

Pakistan has a large population and suffers from diabetes. According to Hosharba’s report, 27 million people over the age of 20 have diabetes. According to the survey,

On November 14 Pakistan like other countries in the world

the proportion of diabetic patients in Pakistan is 44% male and 56% female.
According to Dr. Abdul Basit, director of the Survival Research Institute, Pakistan is now the fourth largest country in the world in terms of sugar.
The number of diabetic patients in Pakistan is growing rapidly. If it does not stop, and diabetes continues to grow at the same rate, then Pakistan will become the top three countries in diabetes in the next few years.

Diabetes can occur at any age. A type of diabetes is found in children. There are millions of children with diabetes in Pakistan.
Diabetes is not a disease of the modern era, but an ancient disease.

If you look at the history, you will find that this disease also exists in British Columbia. In 1552 BC, an Egyptian doctor named Hessie Rae explained the symptoms of wasting as an unknown disease with excessive urination.

In addition, according to diabetes experts, this disease has existed since ancient times.

Diabetes means that the level of glucose in the body is higher than normal. Diabetes is a disease of the pancreas,

a human organ below the stomach. The pancreas either doesn’t make insulin at all, or it doesn’t make less insulin than the body needs,

or it makes insulin, but due to some resistance in the body, insulin can’t work. The sugar in the blood exceeds normal levels.
According to diabetes experts, if you have a fasting blood glucose level of 70 to 110 mg per deciliter in the morning and a postprandial blood glucose of 140 mg per deciliter, you will not have diabetes.

If the pre-meal sugar level drops to 126 mg per deciliter and the postprandial sugar drops to 180 mg per deciliter,

it means that you have diabetes, which means you are on the sugar boundary, and in the near future. You are prone to developing diabetes, so you can overcome diabetes by consulting your doctor immediately to change your lifestyle.

If your blood sugar level is higher than this level, then you have diabetes.

Diabetes experts and recent research have found that genetics, obesity, restlessness, eating disorders, Lu use poultry and starchy foods, and irregular walking are the main causes of diabetes.

In addition to these factors, mental anxiety also plays an important role in the increase in sugar.

please follow the simple diet habits, and follow the Prophet’s Hadith (May Allah’s peace and blessings) to eat, and avoid fast food and junk food completely.

You should have regular checkups from your doctor and take the medicine as directed by your doctor. Do not increase or decrease the dose yourself. According to experts,

sugar and blood pressure are related to bras. Therefore, please check your blood pressure from time to time.

People diagnosed with diabetes will face many complications without proper treatment or following doctor’s instructions. Remember, uncontrolled sugar for a long time can seriously harm the heart, kidneys, eyes, muscles and feet.

Uncontrolled diabetes is one of the main causes of kidney failure in Pakistan. Vision may also be impaired. Long-term high blood sugar can cause foot wounds that cannot heal quickly, and may even lead to amputation. Like sugar, it can cause permanent disability.

Therefore, don’t take sugar too carefully, check the sugar regularly and follow the doctor’s instructions strictly.

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