FB Messenger will help your children from predators

FB Messenger will help  your children from predators

If you think interacting on social media is difficult for adults, imagine how your child feels.

They are always the goal, you cannot always stand on their shoulders to ensure that they interact in a healthy way. Facebook ’s new Messenger Messenger security feature is designed to keep the distance between your teenagers and harmful predators.

Content: Messenger in iOS (the feature launched on Android in March) will provide security notifications when the system detects suspicious activity. No news also appears on Facebook on the desktop.

FB Messenger will help your children from predators

Don’t read your chat history: Facebook explained in a blog post that it is using machine learning (a subset of artificial intelligence) to detect behavioral signals, such as adults contacting a large number of teenagers under 18 to send messages or friend requests .

The security pop-up is not based on the contents of the Messenger conversation, but on the profile of the person trying to contact your child.

Facebook said that even if Facebook enabled end-to-end encryption in Messenger,


Facebook said: “People should be able to communicate securely and privately with friends and loved ones without anyone listening or monitoring their conversations.”

Just a reminder: Messenger will not automatically block these messages or friend requests. Instead, the alert will show the user why the contact is suspicious.

if the message comes from an adult whose username is very similar to the person you are connected to, the security system will notice that the new person is not someone you know. It will then instruct users to take precautions before responding, such as “block this person”.

Bottom line: You can’t always be there to protect children from online predators. At least through this small security update, Facebook is also trying to focus on your children.

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