How can ruin your health forever

How can ruin your health forever.

Symptoms of Lyme disease will never disappear after treatment.

Now we have clues about this happening and support the following points:

In my four years in Long Island, New York, checking for ticks has become the second most natural. After walking in the woods. After strolling on the marsh grass by the sea. After the barbecue in the backyard.

I remember the first one I found on my clothes: a lonely star tick, its unique white spot almost shone towards me from the elbow bend. I panicked until I found out that Lone Star did not spread Lyme disease.

For the first time, I found that this kind of worm did spread the disease to my leg. I flinched and rushed to the doctor. The second time, I calmly went to the clinic to take it out and tested it. Over time, panic was replaced by low-level background concerns.

Maybe I was right to be warned.

Lyme disease is on the rise worldwide.

How can ruin your health forever

This bacterial infection transmitted by tick bites can cause joint pain, fatigue, nervous system damage, and even temporary facial paralysis. If found early, it can be treated – in most cases. However, the symptoms reported by some people will not disappear even after treatment.

This condition is often referred to as chronic Lyme disease.

But we still don’t know if Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose

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