How to read Facebook messages without being discovered?

How to read Facebook messages without being discovered?

Most users of the Facebook platform of the world’s largest Internet company want to read a friend’s message, but they don’t know it.

By the way, Facebook introduced this feature in Messenger. When a user sends a message to another friend and the previous person reads the message, the message is written as Sein Seen, which means that the message has been viewed. .

When a Facebook user sends a message from a desktop or mobile Messenger, as soon as the person in front receives the message, there will be two clicks.

But many users want to read the message, and the person in front of them may not even know it.

How to read Facebook messages without being discovered

According to a report by Mail Online, this is a very simple way to read messages, which will require users to install unknown plugins.

According to the report, the name of this plugin is “Unseen For Facebook”. If you download and install it in Google Chrome, users who use Facebook in Chrome will silently send messages to their friends. Can read

Users can also open or close the plug-in at will.

how to use

When users log in to Facebook in the Google Chrome browser, they must enable the plug-in. After enabling the plug-in, you can silently read the sent messages.

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