Mahira Khan said on Wednesday night that she will temporarily quit social media

Mahira Khan said on Wednesday night that she will temporarily quit social media

After the actor Bin Roye decided to step back a few hours, after the social media was frustrated with the news of the death of actor Irrfan Khan, the severe turn of the world seemed to cause a heavy burden to Mahira Blow.

“Take a break from social media. During this period (or other periods), remember-sabr, shukr, and tawakul,” Mahira tweeted.

However, she did not provide more detailed information as to why this step was taken or what prompted her to take action.

All signs indicate that the situation around the world is deteriorating.

Mahira Khan said on Wednesday night that she will temporarily quit social media

This may be because the new star needs to get rid of all the bad news circulating on social media every day. Before she decided to take this step, the superstar actor shared a tweet in memory of the late Irrfan Khan, who passed away earlier on Wednesday.

“You used to and will always remain gold. Rest and peace. She wrote that after the respected actor passed away, she took a group photo.

In a recent interview with Samina Peerzada, Mahira implied that she might be a lover, but always maintain her identity – is it?

When Samina asked if she would know this person, Mahira replied:

“You may, but he is not a person in this industry,” and then added: “This is my whole life to protect One thing. I want to protect my child, “what puzzles fans is whether she is talking about a man or her son

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