OnePlus launch window for OnePlus Z series

OnePlus plans to launch budget smartphones for the first time next month.
The name and release date of this mysterious device is not yet clear, but a new report confirms both.

The company’s CEO Pete Lau has shared a tweet on his account, as well as India’s OnePlus Twitter, saying that the next cheap OnePlus phone will be called OnePlus Nord instead of OnePlus Z or 8. Lite.

OnePlus India also revealed the release date of OnePlus Nord
OnePlus Z
A tweet from the official Twitter account of OnePlus India also revealed the release date of OnePlus Nord.

We waited a long time, OnePlus finally announced the release date of OnePlus Z, this is March, the first rumors about OnePlus 8 Lite began to surface. Soon, the forecaster suggested that the phone be called OnePlus Z, and now some people think it will be called OnePlus Nord. Regardless of the nickname of the new phone, OnePlus has now confirmed that it will arrive in July.

The company posted a preview in Morse code in its new Instagram account OnePlusLiteZThing (see image below). The decoding showed the word “July”, but confirmed that OnePlus Z/OnePlus Nord will be launched next month.

OnePlus phone will be launched in India on July 10

Earlier news said that the affordable OnePlus phone will be launched in India on July 10. OnePlus has confirmed that the device will make its debut in India and Europe, so the July 10 release seems quite credible.

It seems that OnePlus will reveal more information about the release of the phone through the code-cracking challenge that will be carried out on Instagram later. This is called “Break Code 1”, so we hope more code will follow suit.

It will be interesting to see how the company handles the sales of new phones and whether it can meet the demand. Considering that it will be a mid-range phone, people’s interest in it may be high. But OnePlus has had difficulty delivering the OnePlus 8 series to people. Due to the company’s rapid sales model, it is still difficult to buy flagship products in markets such as India. We hope that the company will have enough OnePlus Z/Nord inventory in place before the promised release date.

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