SARS virus vaccine company also developed a vaccine against coronavirus

SARS virus vaccine company also developed a vaccine against coronavirus

US vaccine manufacturer Nova Wax announced that it has developed a vaccine against coronavirus, and clinical trials are about to begin.

The company announced on Monday that it has developed a vaccine to control coronavirus and will conduct human trials in Australia.

According to the company the results of the vaccine will be released in July 2020.

The company’s president Stanley C. Eric (Stanley C. Eric) said that the vaccine’s clinical trials will be a major breakthrough against this disease.

SARS virus vaccine company also developed a vaccine against coronavirus

The company has previously developed a vaccine for SARS virus.

In addition, another American company Madrina and German company BioN Tech are also developing coronavirus vaccines.

The vaccine developed by Nova Vaccine is a subunit (containing important components) vaccine that inserts copies of viral proteins into the body, thereby enhancing immunity to the virus.

During the clinical trials of the vaccine

130 healthy people between the ages of 18 and 59 will be vaccinated.

The company also announced last week that if the vaccine is successful, it will receive $ 38.388 billion in donations.

On the other hand, the coronavirus vaccine made in China has been successfully tested, but experts say the vaccine will not completely neutralize the virus.

Experts say that this vaccine has produced antibodies in these people

but it is not yet certain whether this vaccine can completely eradicate Covid 19.

The first phase of the human trial of the coronavirus vaccine developed by the Janus Institute at Oxford University in London has also been successfully completed.

The university said that children between the ages of 18 and 55 participated in the first phase of the vaccine trial, while the registration of the second and third phases started from 10,260.

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