Shahid Kapoor has no negative views on the lack of “Kabir Singh” awards

Shahid Kapoor has no negative views on the lack of “Kabir Singh” awards

During the current pandemic blockade, Shahid Kapoor had nothing to do, so he asked his fans a question and answer session on Twitter. And, as expected, he faced many problems with fans from all over the world.

Shahid Kapoor has no negative views

A topic that often arises is that he lacks the idea of ​​awards for his performance in Kabir Singh (2019). His performances and the entire movie have been appreciated by fans and critics. However, when movies and stars are required to promote misogyny, there is also controversy.

A fan asked: “Due to the controversy surrounding it, are you disappointed that Kabir Singh’s performance was not received at the awards ceremony?” Kapoor replied: “On the contrary. I am grateful for everyone’s love Do it. I am because of all of you. ”

Kapoor was also asked about his views on the next movie, “Jersey.” Kapoor said: “Just try to make a good movie. But I am very satisfied with what I have done so far. I really like the journey and the team.”

The sports drama “Jersey” showed Kapoor the role of a batsman. The film will be released on August 28, but this is likely to change

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